Monday, December 27, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

What began as a no-fuss, cheese-and-crackers, Christmas Eve snack, has evolved into a gourmet appetizer grand buffet....and what a delicious tradition it is!

We were joined this Christmas by my parents, Aaron's parents, my brother Adam and sister-in-law Brittany, my sister Amy and fiance Eric, and nephew Jasper. The company made for a full house, but it was great to spend the holiday together. Aside from the fabulous feast, we had an old-school family slide show, a Christmas sing-along, watched a few movies, had a little nativity program, and, of course, opened a mountain of gifts.

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kathy said...

We loved every minute of our Christmas with the Grover family! Thanks for the great food and warm hospitality. We love you bunches.