Monday, December 27, 2010

Living Large

Nana Z. sewed this pair of custom jammies for Ben using a 2T sleeper, shortening the sleeves, and removing the feet to accomodate his oximeter sensor.

It would take the jaws of life to get Ben shimmied into a pair of jeans--so I found this awesome pair of denim-printed sweat pants!

This was Ben's Sunday Christmas outfit--I call these his "dress sweats."
What mom doesn't enjoy getting her baby all dolled up now and then? Well, when your eight-month old baby weighs nearly 27lbs, finding baby clothes that fit can be a problem. If I looked as cute as Ben, I'd wear my jammies and sweats every day, too!


Lauralee said...

okay,Ben is so cute! have you heard that big and chunky song? :)
love your family photos! they are beautiful! liz does an amazing job- well when she has great people to photograph!

greatbon said...

He is a sweetheart!