Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jolly Old St. Nick

Santa's photographer really earned his paycheck taking the boys' picture today. Hank was very excited to see Santa and willingly told Santa that he wanted a firetruck for Christmas. Max was in tears before we even set him on Santa's lap and we had to bribe him with a quarter and gum to keep him sitting still. The cameraman made all kinds of noises and crazy gestures to get Max to make this semi-pleasant expression. Ben had fallen asleep shortly before we got in line, but he woke up in a good mood and smiled right on cue!


kathy said...

Hank, Max, and Ben look so sharp in their matching sweaters. Nice Santa!

Lauralee said...

THAT is adorable! so so cute!

Levon said...

That's about the most successful kid-picture I've ever seen! Great shot!