Wednesday, October 13, 2010


With life moving a mile a minute, I want to take the time to savor a few of the simple moments that have brought me joy this week:

- Yesterday Hank and I enjoyed some one-on-one time together, snuggling on the couch and reading the Friend magazine and looking at the pictures of the temples in the Ensign magazine. Hank pointed at the picture of the Bern, Switzerland temple and said, "Thats the temple that I'm going to go in." He liked the bright flowers outside of the temple and the "captain Ramoni" atop the spire. I love that he has a desire to go to the temple. Could this be an early mission prediction? We'll find out in 15 more years!

- Its exciting to watch Max add new words to his vocabulary, but he often uses the words out of context. For example, Max uses the phrase "blue one" to refer to whatever object he wants, not to the color at all. Which cup would you like? "Blue one." Do you want a big pumpkin or a little pumpkin? A "blue one." He also has a hard time with pronouns and will substitute "you" when he should say, "me." If I point to our family picture, he will will indicate "mom," "dad," "ofo," and "you." Yesterday when I dropped Hank off for preschool, Max asked, "you? you? you?," asking me if he could go too. I said, "do you want to go to preschool?" "Yep!"

- Ben is working so hard with therapy and its WORKING! It just never gets old watching him track a toy with his eyes or reach for an object with his hand. Ben had a giant breakthough yesterday and I literally walked around the house singing "Hosanas." So exciting. So grateful.

My heart is full. I could not ask for more.


Poe said...

hip hip hooray!!!

Kelli Radmall said...

I am so glad Ben's therapy is going well! So happy for you. I know you are such a great mom and all of those boys are lucky to have you! Thinking of you often.

Lauralee said...

sweet! good for Ben!