Sunday, October 24, 2010

Primary Program

Hank did such an awesome job in our primary program today! I was a little nerveous that he would clam up when he stood up in front of the microphone, but he nailed it! The sunbeams recited the first article of faith, sang, "I am Like a Star," and then Hank delivered his line, "Jesus Christ in the Son of God." Perfect!

Hank also provided a little comic relief during the primary performace. As soon as he got on the stage, he thought he was a celebrity and called out and waved to all his peeps. "Hi Dad!" On the way to church, we had practiced Hank's songs and had tried to encourage him to sing nice and loud. Well, I guess we made our point because Hank kept shouting to Aaron (who was sitting in the middle of the congregation), "DAD! Can you hear me, Dad?" Aaron tried to answer Hank and also silence him by just smiling and nodding but Hank wasn't satisfied. Hank told Aaron, "DAD! Just give me a thumbs-up if you can hear me!" Wanting some feedback, Hank would yell out and ask Aaron, "DAD! Can you hear me?" after every song. Hank is lucky his is so dang cute or I would have just hid!


angela said...

beautiful blog...pls visit mine and follower...tranks and god bless.

Mindy said...

That is pretty classic. Love that!!

Lauralee said...

oh that is great! I wish I heard him yelling to Aaron- that is just classic!
He did do great- their little song was just precious!

Levon said...

Oh my how I wish I was in that sacrament meeting!