Monday, October 11, 2010


I keep telling them to stop growing, but they don't listen to me! At our group doctor check-up this morning, I was shocked to learn that I have freakishly large boys on my hands...

Hank - 4 years
Height: 42.5 inches (90%)
Weight: 38.8 lbs (65%)

Max - 2 years
Height: 38 inches (off charts)
Weight: 35.6 lbs (off charts)

Ben - 6 months
Height: 28 inches (90%)
Weight: 23.5 lbs (nowhere near charts)

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Maria Grover said...

Holy cow! We need to set Claire next to your kids sometime. Lol... she's always way low on height and weight. According to our bathroom scale, she weighs 2 lbs less than Ben! Maybe Claire will end up an Olympic gymnast and your boys will be NFL stars. =)