Friday, October 29, 2010

Ray of Sunshine

Yesterday was a hard day. A difficult doctor's appointment and poor test results made my heart feel heavy and my spirit feel dark. Last night I prayed for the peace to accept life's trials and today I received the exact lift that I needed. With the sun shining, the boys and I went for a walk on the trail by the river near our house. My heart was healed as I played in God's great outdoors with my three beautiful little boys: Hank, wearing his little blue hoodie, steered his scooter through every puddle along the path. Max ran with his arms flailing in pure happiness, stopping every few minutes to make sure there was "no bee, no meow." And Ben. Enjoying the sunshine on his face, the happy noise of his brothers around him, and smiling brightly at me. We stopped along the trail to toss rocks into the river, and then we headed back along the trail, stopping at the park to play. I felt peace in my heart. The beauty of that moment reassured me that it will be ok. I can do it. Life is good. God listens.

....and then we came home. The kids were dirty from playing with the rocks at the park, I was tired from pushing a 100+ lb stroller up and down the trail, we were all hungry (translate: cranky)--everything fell apart. Back to real life. The trials are still the same, but I have tucked away this small ray of sunshine and feel strengthened to keep going. Humble. Thankful. Renewed.

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Lauralee said...

sweet... life is good and God does hear us- Amen!
hang in there- thanks for your sweet comment the other day on my blog- sure appreciate you.