Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Last weekend we made the seven-hour drive to my parents' house in Oregon to spend Thanksgiving with my mom and dad, my sister Amy, and her baby, Jasper.
I was a little nervous about how the kids would fare on the long road trip, so I packed a few tricks up my sleeve: movies, treats, and surprises from the dollar store to keep the boys busy. They did great! They both watched a movie, Max took a long nap, and Hank really enjoyed watching and commenting about all the scenery (particularly every tractor, train, or emergency vehicle we passed along the way). The road trip was actually one of my favorite parts of the entire vacation because we really just got to be together and enjoy each others' company.

We spent Thursday morning cooking/baking up a storm. I always look forward to visiting my parents because my mom can make a mean dinner.

Aaron's mouth was watering and the sight of our feast.

As a tradition, each year, when the boys are finished glutting themselves and are recovering in front of a football game, all the girls get together to work on a craft. This year we made yummy French Pear Sauce and decorated the little jars for Christmas gifts.

So cute!

On Friday, my mom took Amy, Jasper, and I bazaar-ing and then we went out to lunch at a little bakery in Umpqua.

That afternoon, we went to the Wildlife Safari, this cool place near my parents' house where you basically drive through a zoo, except that all the animals are in a natural habitat and can literally come inches from your window. We all loved it.

I really had fun getting to spend a little time with my nephew, Jasper. I feel a little warm spot for that cute little guy.

Handsome cousins!

When we finally made it home, we were worried that we'd never be able to get Hank to go to bed because he'd been too busy playing all week and had successfully boycotted naptime entirely at Grandma's house. I guess Hank must have worn himself out with all his playing, because as soon as we got home, he just melted.


Keli'i and Megan said...

Looks like a very fun Thanksgiving, but you should've eaten a little more,'re a wafe! One hot momma!

We Three Madsens said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Your sisters son is adorable:)

Kathy said...

Thanks for coming. We had a great time too. I love cooking with my Courtney.

Lauralee said...

what a fun time! your sister and you for sure look like sisters!