Monday, December 14, 2009

Red Barn Tree Farm

Hank has been talking about riding the choo-choo train at the Red Barn Tree Farm since we went there last year. So, it was a pretty big deal to Hank on Saturday when we got to go to the Red Barn Tree Farm again to ride the choo-choo train and cut down our Christmas Tree.
To beat the crowds, we hit the tree farm early. It was FREE-E-EZING cold outside!

Hank and Max waited for the choo-choo train on the little docking station.

Hank likes to ride on the back of the train, in the caboose.

To make the trip even more fun, Nana and Papa Grover came with us!

I think Max was too cold to get very excited. I thought he might like playing with the little trees his size, but he just poked one branch with his chubby little finger and didn't seem so impressed.

Hank, on the other hand, got right in on the action and helped Aaron cut down our chosen tree.

Here she is! The perfect Christmas Tree. Our hunt for our tree was kind of comical. We started off tromping through the farm with our standards set pretty high--rejecting tree after tree if it was too short, too full, had bald spots, looked crooked, or looked dry. After five minutes of hiking through the farm in the frigid cold, we lowered our expectations a little and chopped down the closest one we could find. I think out tree is just right:)

Max finally cheered up a little when we got back in our car, cranked up the heat, and let him go to town on a candy cane.


Lauralee said...

great pictures! I am so glad it has warmed up!

Mindy said...

That place looks so cool!