Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring Break

On our way home from our weekend trip to Cowabunga Bay in Las Vegas, Aaron and I exchanged "high 5s" because it actually felt like the pleasure received nearly outweighed the effort expent--a direction the scales rarely tip at this stage in our lives. We spent the next few minutes getting lost thinking about all the possibilities that are beginning to open up to our family as our babies gain a little more self-sufficience and ability. It's lovely to think that this is just the beginning of the family fun that lies ahead! 

...back to the trip at hand. While it was blizzard-ing in Utah, it was a sunny 82 in Las Vegas. We're not quite to the point yet that we can sit at the side of the pool and watch detachedly--it's definitely an all-hands-on-deck, keep-your-eyes-peeled situation, but being able to enjoy something together was truly joyful. 

Besides our trip to the waterpark, we met up with Adam and Heather for a picnic at the park, we treated ourselves to breakfast at a favorite place, we swam in the hotel pool, and we rocked out to tunes in the car.

The kids were so wiped out they fell fast asleep at bedtime...which ordinarily we would have been able to enjoy had Aaron and I not been sharing a DOUBLE bed! That was comical. 

Hopefully this trip will ride us over until the temperatures warm up enough here to visit our own waterpark:

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