Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Joey is 3!

That face. I can't even. Joey has the sweetest, most angelic, cute-as-a-button little face....which is ironic because he can be quite mischievous! Joey is just the epitome of a little boy: he has a million and one questions to ask about everything ("but WHY, Mom?"), his goal in life is to keep up with his brothers, he skips over every crack in the sidewalk and stops to check out every bug, he doesn't have an "off" button and goes a mile a minute from morning until night, his curiousity gets him into lots of trouble exploring/destroying to figure out how things work, he's a daddy's boy, loves to play with anything that bounces or has wheels, and melts his mom's heart with his big puppy eyes. Joey is definitely a one in a million kid--he's bursting with personality. If I ever find myself getting too caught up in the rigors of daily life, all I have to do is stop and watch Joey for a minute and I'm reminded that life is for living! He is our precocious, outgoing, smart as a whip, playful, stubborn, and oh so darling little boy. 

Joey requested a trip to the dinosaur museum, so that's what we did!

Joey received lots of extra love and attention from his brothers on his special day...everyone wanted to sit next to him, hold his hand, and give him birthday hugs. Very sweet. 

I'm not proud of it, but, yes, I served hot dogs for Joey's birthday dinner. The birthday boy gets what the birthday boy wants!

After dinner we celebrated at the trampoline place. 

Then it was time for cupcakes and presents. 

Joey was really excited about his playdoh and new big wheels bike. 

I love every bit of this little boy and I'm so glad that he joined our family three years ago--he adds so much flavor to our family. Happy Birthday Joey! xo

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