Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I love everything about Easter. I know that the Easter bunny and pastel dyed eggs really don't have anything to do with the actual celebration of Easter, but I like to think that we can have it all! We can sing Hosanas AND we can bite the ears right off the chocolate bunny. We can rejoice in His victory over the tomb and we can hunt for plastic eggs strewn about the yard. It doesn't have to make sense--it's just fun! 

We joined our Arkansas and Rexburg cousins for an early egg hunt in Nana Grover's backyard. All of the eggs were color coded so that the speedy older ones, the toddling little ones, and everyone in between all got the same amount of eggs. 

We refilled our baskets a second time at a city egg hunt ("egg race" would be more accurate). It was so miserably windy that we huddled in the car until just before the starting whistle was blown. Even so, Benny was in tears and begging to go home before the hunt even started. We pushed through and it was all smiles on the warm car ride back home as everyone examined the contents of their baskets. 

While Aaron and Papa Grover attended the priesthood session, Nana Grover invited us over to make peep houses using graham cracker coops, marshmallow peeps, and Easter candy decorations--so clever! 

On Easter Eve we dyed eggs. 

The boys woke up on Easter morning to find their baskets filled with lots of treats and surprises. 

Silliness aside, Easter is a special time to reflect on the Savior. I have come to know Christ through personal scripture study and prayer--I love Him, I worship Him, and I live my life to follow Him. Everyday, but especially on Easter, I rejoice in the blessing of eternal life and eternal families made possible in His atonement and triumph over death.

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