Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ben is 5!

Even as I type it, I can hardly believe that my Benny is FIVE years old! My heart just fills to the brim with love and pride when I think back on the path we've travelled together in his five years. Ben is and will always be my inspiration and my living reminder of God's power and grace.

To know Ben is to love him. It's impossibly really to NOT be smitten with him. He has an infectious smile and a delightful personality. Ben is a lover of all things shapes and patterns (he continues to build complex Lego masterpieces and loves to sort anything and everything). His favorite treats are M&Ms (or "brown M&Ms" as he calls them to specify the plain variety in the brown packaging). He doesn't branch out far with new foods, but he likes chicken nuggets and French fries and pizza. More often than not, Ben is singing/humming as he plays and has a remarkably pitch-perfect little voice. Ben is easily self-entertained and happily plays at one activity for hours at a time. While I consider him to be low maintenance in some respects, Ben can be very persistent when he wants something and will act like a broken record set to repeat until he gets what he wants. Ben has the sweetest giggle and loves to be tickled and wrestled. Ben knows his colors, shapes, numbers and he is working hard on his sight words--he's memorized 32 so far! He is the squishiest, most lovable, happiest little boy I know and I'm so glad he's mine!

Ben gets a big thrill out of riding the Ferris wheel at Scheels. He squeals in delight the entire time.

Ben is STILL teasing me about beating me at bowling;) He gets a big kick out of rolling the ball down the lane and knocking over the pins.

After bowling, we ate dinner at Red Robin. 

Ben didn't appreciate being sung to at all. The following day, I overheard Hank ask Max why he thought Ben started to cry when he was sung to. Max responded that "Ben has really strong emotions." I tend to think Max is right. Ben has always been very sensitive and in tune to the Spirit. Such a tender hearted boy!

Once we broke out the birthday cookies and presents, Ben was back to his happy self. 

Happy Birthday, Ben! xo

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