Sunday, October 5, 2014

Eyes of the Beholder

I have a distinct memory from my childhood of building a snow fortress. I didn't say snow cave or snow igloo...this was a snow fortress complete with an ice slide for quick exit, windows for rapid snowball fire, and monkey bars because--well, because monkey bars were just a cool idea. I wish I had a picture of that snow fort because I have a suspicion that the vision I have of that snow fortress in my memory would be a tiny bit more grand than the snow fortress actually was in reality. Isn't that the beauty of childhood? A pile of snow roughly packed into an unimpressive mound becomes a "snow fortress" through the eyes of a five year-old. And so it is with my own boys. You and I may look at the picture below and see an overgrown empty lot. But to Hank, Max, and their partners-in-crime neighbor friends, you're looking at a "bmx bike track!" I applaud the imagination, collaborative effort, and hard work that the boys have put into clearing weeds and rocks, so even if I don't see the grand vision, I hope their bmx track is as magical to them as my snow fortress was to me.

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