Saturday, October 11, 2014


I may have shared this before, but I have this crazy superstition about "epic" years occurring once every four years. Think about it: age 8 = baptism. Epic. Age 12 = almost a teenager, graduate from primary. Epic. Age 16 = driver's license and dating. Super Epic. You see the pattern here. Throughout my life, epic things have occurred clustered in multiple of four years...marriage, graduating college, becoming a mom, home ownership, etc. So, when year 32 rolled around, a multiple of four year, I curiously waited for what epic thing lay in store. As I prepared this collage tonight, on the eve of my littlest babe's first birthday, I realized that this may be my most epic of all years--past, present, and future--and yet nothing really monumental took place. Lots of really great things happened, but nothing milestone or headline worthy. So what about this year claims the all-time-most-epic title? Just look at the face of that gorgeous, perfect, sweet little boy in my display....I MADE him, and his four older brothers, and I bear the privilege/responsibility of watching my sons grow from fresh, squishy-nosed newborns into delightful, smart, special young men. Rocky has been a bonus; my cherry on top of a very sweet sundae. He is precious beyond words and has added an indescribable contentment to my heart. I cherish the year I've spent with my last baby boy, who won't be a baby for much longer, but look forward to watching him develop through his next stages too.  I really can't think of anything more epic than that. 

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