Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Kick-off Party!

Nana Grover threw a party to kick off the Halloween season and I took away two things from the event: 1. My kids are so ridiculously lucky to have a grandmother who spoils them with her time and affection; and 2. My kids need a big lesson on gratitude. 

Nana Grover invited the boys and several cousins to her house for games, dinner, and treats. She had put a tremendous amount of time into decorating for the party, planning games, preparing favors, and providing dinner but as soon as the kids caught sight of the candy it felt like they lost all of their manners and a frenzy ensued. It's like the sugar caused their eyes to glaze over and they became rabid animals, attacking anyone and anything for more candy. By the end of the party, the ground was littered with wrappers, the kids had sticky hair from mashing donuts with their faces, and they were still raring for more! Because in their sugar-rush my boys forgot to say it, I will say now what I know they meant to say: thank you, Nana Grover, for inviting us to your Halloween party and always making us feel special.

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