Sunday, August 31, 2014

Starting 5

 What you Can't See in This Picture:

- I took at least 40 pictures and not a single one was even semi-decent. I recreated the pose a second time, after school, and this was the best attempt. Getting five little boys to hold still, let alone look in the same direction and smile, is no small feat.
- I bribed Joey with two Starbursts and elicited smiles from the others by doing my, "sour face."
- Joey's left eye is slightly blackened from getting into my mascara earlier; he wouldn't hold still long enough for me to wipe all of it off.
- Hank and Max fought about who got the privilege of holding Rocky.
- Rocky is wearing jeans for the first time--getting big so fast!
- Besides sporting their cougar team pride with their BYU t-shirts, the boys are also rocking their new school shoes. Nothing but Nike's will do for these boys. They have to be reminded to change their underwear daily and they'll go to school with their shirts on backwards, but they have to have Nike's.
- These boys are my entire world. Crazy, stinky, and rowdy, they are mine and I love them to bits.

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