Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mini Missionary

Not a day goes by that the boys don't bombard me with requests to buy them silly things...gum, toys, pop, candy, something they saw at a friends' house, something they saw on a name it, the boys want it. Usually I'll either respond to their requests with a flat "no" or else just ignore it and before long they'll have forgotten what it was they had to have and move on to the next silly thing. So, when Max asked me if he could have a suit (just like dad's), I just dismissed it and waited for him to forget about it. Several weeks went by, and Max never forgot about the suit. He asked me everyday. "Can we get my suit today, Mommy?" His persistence finally paid off and we bought Max his suit. He was just beaming with pride when he got to wear his new suit to church on Sunday:

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