Sunday, January 19, 2014

Birthday Girl

Besides Christmas, Hank and Max think birthdays are the best day of the year. They spend the entire year talking about their plans for their upcoming birthday...even when it's months and months away. And who wouldn't love birthdays? Junk food, parties, presents, and lots of attention? Here is the thing: as much as I enjoy the celebrations, my fear is that I have peaked. Can life really get better than it is right now? Is it all downhill from here? I am so in love with my place in life right now, that it feels like this may be the pinnacle. And I don't want this to be over yet! I want to stay right here, in this climax of life, forever.

My birthday kicked off with a trip to the bakery for donuts.

After breakfast, we dropped off Hank, Max, Ben, and Joey with a sweet friend and took Rocky with us to get pedicures.

That afternoon, Aaron treated me to a shopping spree! Five minutes into browsing around the first shop and Aaron hands me his credit card and heads out to the car to wait for me and listen to the Seahawks play on the radio. So much for our together time on my birthday! It was probably for the best...I enjoyed shopping a lot more without Aaron hovering over me and breathing down my neck anyways :)

My birthday was capped off with this delicious treat! At the risk of having my wish not come true, per the superstition, I wished that the coming year would bring as much happiness as this year has brought.

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