Monday, April 1, 2013

So This is Happening...

In case you've lost count, Baby #5 is on its way, expected to arrive on October 11! Aaron and I are so excited to complete our family with this sweet addition. This morning I had my 12 week doctor's appointment and was able to hear the baby's heart beat for the first time. At the moment the doctor placed the doplar on my tummy and I heard those first little wooshes of the baby's heart, I fell in love. I was actually surprised by my own emotion. Not having put much thought into the significance of the appointment beforehand, I wasn't expecting to feel such a connection with this baby so early on. But I do! I already have the distinct impression that this baby, who I haven't even met yet, is exactly what our family is missing and is the final peice needed to make our family complete! Such a lovely, sweet feeling.

I've often joked that one of my few gifts in life is my ability to carry pregnancies so easily and lamented that my gift doesn't bear any monetary value. Take a look at my protruding tummy in this picture, taken at only 4 weeks, and tell me that's not true talent:

Here it is again at just 8 weeks. Perhaps if I charged a small fee to view this circus-freak-show of a growing tummy I could make turn my talent into profit.
And finally, this is the tummy at 11 weeks. The doctor assured me upon viewing the ultrasound that there is only one in there and I responded, "one what??"
And, yes, prepare for the weekly pregnancy play-by-play complete with photo-documentation. With this being my last, I've got to make each minute count!


Lauralee said...

so exciting! Congrats! you look great!

Megan and Keli'i said...

Awww, congrats, Courtney! Exciting! And you look so great.