Sunday, April 7, 2013

Happy Birthday x 2!

Happy Birthday to my very most favorite three-year-old and one-year-old on the planet! Even though they shared a family birthday party, we tried to make them both feel extra loved, extra special, and extra celebrated. Nana and Papa Grover, Uncle Ryan and Mindy, and Aunt Robyn and D joined us between conference sessions for a joint-celebration of pizza, strawberry shortcake (why? I'm pregnant and it sounded good to me), and presents.

Ben is 3!

A Few Special Things About Benny:
  • Benny eats crackers and cereal exclusively (eating is definately not his best skill). His favorite variety is Chicken 'n Biscuits and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
  • Benny loves music and loves to sing. He loves to listen to primary songs from the Children's Songbook while we drive in the car and after each song ends, he says, "more!" He has a great ear for music and hums several tunes throughout the day.
  • Ben's favorite thing to play with is his lego collection. He is masterful and stacking lego and creating different shapes and patterns. He also likes to play with any type of collection or toy that he can sort and put into cups and baggies. It's uncommon to find him without a cup or baggie filled with legos, blocks, beads, cards, or some such collection.
  • Benny loves to swing. Odd as it may be, we have a swing installed in our bedroom, just so Benny can swing whenever his little heart desires.
  • Ben loves, loves, loves attention and will engage any passerby in his trademark charming game of peek-a-boo. It's pretty much irresistable.
It's no secret that  this little boy holds a very special place in my heart. He is an absolute gift. I treasure the light and joy that he brings to our family each day, but today, on his birthday, I especially celebrate the beautiful, pure, loving, and sweet little boy that is my Benny. Happy Birthday Benjamin!

Joey is 1!
A Few Special Things About Joey:
* One of my greatest accomplishments in my parenting career thus far, is finally creating a baby that is a good-eater. It's such a treat to simply give Joey bits from the dinner table without having the specially prepare "kid-food" for him. Joey loves fruit of all kinds and has a sweet-tooth like his mom.
*Joey doesn't seem to be entertained much by baby toys, but would prefer to tag along after his brothers or get into mischief climbing the stairs, opening cupboards, or hunting for bits on the floor to put into his mouth.
* Joey likes to squeal. He emits a shrill squeal when he's tired or hungry, but his squeal isn't reserved just for when he's feeling cranky--he also likes to squeal anytime he is excited, when he wants something, or just when he is in the mood to listen to his own voice.
*Lately big brother Max has taken a special interest in caring for and protecting Joey and looks for any excuse to pick him up and carry him. Joey is very tolerant of being man-handled by Max.
* Joey is a mama's boy. If mom is out of sight, he will sit contentedly and play with Dad but as soon as Mom comes into view, he will scream like a banshee until he has regained his rightful position on Mom's hip.
It's hard to believe that my little Joey is growing up so quickly--already one! Babies just don't come much cuter than Joey. I'm in love with his killer smile and throaty, deep laugh and can hardly help squishing his little body and kissing his sweet cheeks. Joey is absolutely adored by the whole family and we love him to peices! Happy Birthday Jonas!

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