Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

I guess it doesn't surprise me that the boys buy the Easter Bunny story, since they were also so clueless as to accompany me to Target, help me pick out the candy, didn't notice when I tucked little toys and things into the cart, and never seemed to question when said items wound up in their baskets this morning. Poor kids. I almost feel guilty pulling the wool over their eyes--but they make it so easy!

I like the candy, I like the egg hunts, I like dying the eggs, but by far my favorite thing about the holiday is the excuse to order a set of matching ties and dress the boys up for church. What a handsome bunch of boys!

As I studied Easter messages from the Ensign, read talks on the atonement and resurrection by our prophet and apostles, and shared the meaning of Easter with the boys through scripture and Bible video during FHE, I felt a new appreciation and understanding of the significance to me of this special celebration. Jesus Christ suffered all--betrayal, accusation, scorn, humilation, being scourged, beated, crucified, and, ultimately forsaken--and gave His life freely and willingly. Through our Heavenly Father's great plan, Jesus did not die, but was resurrected and lives! Because our Savior endured all, and overcame death, I know that in Him, I too can overcome my own earthly challenges. Today, I celebrate His victory and the hope that His triumph over death gives me that I may have eternal life with my family, too.

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