Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Man

Just a few recent examples of the many ways that Aaron proves over and over what a great husband, amazing dad, and good man he is:

* He spends his Saturday morning pitching in on chores, scrubbing our carpets with the Rug Doctor....and his Saturday night cuddling and tenderly caring for our throwing-up Benny boy.

* He comes home from early-morning church meetings, gathers up the pack of wild boys, shoos them out of our bedroom, closes the door behind him, and says, "Enjoy your shower, honey."

*He makes the time to take the boys on individual Daddy/Son dates and makes them each feel special and loved.

Max's Daddy Date consisted of breakfast at McDonald's, a morning spent in the office with Dad, and then a round of golf--Max even got to drive the cart!

For his Daddy Date, Hank got to go to a Jazz game....staying up super late on a school night and eating all sorts of candy and treats.

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