Friday, March 29, 2013

Perfect Report Card!

Aaron and I made this special candy-gram for Hank to show him how proud we are of his perfect, straight-4s (the elementary school equivalent of straight-A's), report card!

The card reads:

Dear 'Big Hank,' 'Look!' "U-No' that your perfect report card brings us 'Mounds' of pride and 'Joy.' Don't 'Snicker' because today is your 'Payday.' We wanted to get you something really specail, like a fancy gift from '5th Avenue,' '100 Grand,' or 'Whatchamacallit,' but instead we decided to just give you lots of 'Kisses.' You 'Rock' Hank! Love you all the way to the 'Milky Way' and back! Love, Mom and Dad

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