Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Day

Lucky for me, the boys are easily impressed because my attempts at making Valentine's Day special this year were hardly Martha Stewart worthy. While the boys were sleeping, I left a trail of hearts, inscribed with little love messages from Dad, beginning at their bedroom and leading downstairs to the kitchen table. The boys thought their breakfast of pink, heart-shaped pancakes was pretty fancy served on a red tablecloth and "fine China" from the Dollar Store:)

Max helped me make delicious sugar cookies that we delivered to a few neighbors and surprised Aaron with at the office.
I had planned to make a fancy, very involved meal for dinner, but after tackling the giant mess in the kitchen created by the sugar cookie baking, I was worn out. And so, we enjoyed a romantic, gourmet, fancy dinner of Cocoa Puffs. It really is the thought that counts, right?

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carrie @ the boonie life said...

If we had Cocoa Puffs for dinner my kids would think that it was the most special Valentine's ever. That is awesome! You're such a great mom. Those cookies look delicious!!