Sunday, February 10, 2013

Big Boy Haircut

When the home-teacher asked me the name of my daughter, referring to Joey who was sitting on the floor in a onesie, Aaron decided it was time to cut Joey's moppy hair. Although I was in agreement that Joey could use a trim, I actually took the faux pas as a compliment. I think Joey is a darling, pretty-faced little boy--he only looks cuter with his new big-boy haircut!

Things I'm Loving About Joey Right Now:
- Joey is working on pushing through his second little bottom tooth. I love that little smile with those two tiny little pearly white teeth just barely showing through his gums.
- Joey still hasn't quite figured out yet how to crawl, but it's almost magical watching him play on the floor. He is making so many new connections and discoveries--he's bound to start crawling, if only by accident, with as hard as he's trying to get himself in motion.
- So far, Joey is a great little eater and will sample most anything from my plate. Bananas and yogurt are his favorites. However, he has learned how to purse his lips tight together and pull his mouth right up under his nose to reject anything he is offered that he doesn't care for. That little face just kills me.
- As  far as toys go, Joey hasn't shown much of a preference for any certain thing. He just thinks that I'm the best! He would rather be held and carried while I go about my chores than just about anything else. He doesn't let me put him down unless it's with a bottle. He will settle for dad, but only if I'm out of sight. Ha! How does that feel to be second favorite for once, Aaron?
- Joey isn't big on laughing and giggling, but he does do some crazy flapping. When he gets excited, Joey will flap his arms and legs in sync up and down as fast as he can.

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