Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Moving Target

It's almost as though the moment I take a picture of Joey is becomes outdated because he seems to be growing and changing so quickly. Even though I just snapped these photos last week, Joey already looks older to me.

Joey Tidbits:

* Joey loves company. If I put him down or leave the room for a moment, I have to make sure to set him near a brother or he will get lonely and start to fuss. As long as he is being held, he's happy.

* Joey has found his fists and loves to chew on them, producing an impressive amount of slobber. I offer him rattles and chew toys, but he prefers to suck on his hands or the strap to his binky clip.

* Likely because he doesn't like to be put down, unfortunately Joey doesn't behave well in the car. Hard to believe anyone could feel lonely in our cacophonous car.

* Joey has the cutest little deep, husky giggle.

* By far, Joey is my highest tone baby. Whereas Max and Ben were just floppy rag dolls, Joey is very rigid and erect. He loves to stand on his feet. He wants to sit up so badly; if he is laid on his back, he crunches up into a sit-up position.

* Joey can take or leave his binky, he is fond of his blankie, doesn't like to be  swaddled, and likes to snooze in his swing the best.

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