Tuesday, July 3, 2012


He could wear a paper bag on his head (wait, he does like to do that) and still look cute, so its no surprise that this little boy just stole my heart all over when I finally mustered up the energy to get his haircut. Ben didn't enjoy the experience one bit, but boy does he look handsome!

On another note, this little boy is just learning so fast these day! He is picking up new signs everyday and loves to be able to communicate (he asks to eat and for milk constantly!) and is just developing the most fun little personality. Yesterday, Ben even said his first audible word! A week or two ago Ben mimicked the inflection of the words, "more please" and has since been able to say (in his own inside voice way) "thank-you," "excuse me," and "help me." What a well-manner little boy! But yesterday he said his first word that was actually enunciated in a way that was very understandable. The word? Da-da maybe? Ball? Milk? Nope. Ben's first real word was "nothing." Of all the millions of words, Ben says, "nuh-thin." Odd, but still exciting! We're so thrilled with all of Ben's constant progress.

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