Thursday, July 19, 2012

And He's Off!

Watching your child ride a two-wheel bike for the first time is right up there with witnessing those first baby steps--so thrilling! Hank must have been ready because when I suggested we take the training wheels off his bike, he grabbed the wrench, removed the training wheels, and never went back.

I held onto the back of Hank's seat while he rode in loops around the driveway a few times. Within just a few minutes of practicing, Hank was ready to ride by himself. I gave him a little push and he took off! Just like that! Pretty soon Hank became increasingly adventurous and before long he was riding up and down our street, racing the neighbor kids down the hill.
As a mom, its a little bittersweet to hear your child say things like, "No, Mom, I don't need any help," and "No, Mom, I can do it by myself." Of course I am so proud of Hank for the courage, determination, and independence that he displayed while learning to ride his bike, but there is a teeny little part of me that hurt just a tiny bit to watch my baby take one more giant leap forward into big-kidhood.

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