Saturday, July 7, 2012

Grover Family Trivia

Every year for the past five years I've published our blog to create an annual family journal. I cherish these family journals--they capture our fondest memories, our highs and lows, and measure our growth as a family. When our children are grown and we look back on these precious years, reviewing our blog, I hope we'll remember those little nuances, inside jokes, and weird traditions that make our family unique and make us who we are: the Grovers. So, to preserve those funny little Grover-isms, I'm creating a "Grover Family Trivia" column on our blog and will continue to update the list periodically as new items come to mind.

*Note: as with most inside jokes, its kind of "have-to-be-there" kind of thing. Unless you are a member of our Grover family, the following may or may not be as clever/cute/funny as we believe them to be. Sorry!

Q. What is a "yee-ow?"
A. A police car. The boys have always had a special interest in police officers and rescue vehicles, pointing out every police car or siren along the way during a car ride. When Hank was too little to say "police car" he would just point to the vehicle and make the sound of the siren, "yeeeooooww, yeeeoooww." And the word "yee-ow" was born. It is not uncommon for any member of our family to look out the window, point to the flashing siren on a police car, and say, "look! check out that yee-ow."

Q. What closing song do we sing at every single FHE?
A. "Jingle Bells." Everytime without fail. No idea why. As we began implementing FHE in our home a few years ago, we would assign Hank or Max to choose the closing hymn. Now, we've been singing "Jingle Bells" at the end of FHE for so long no one can even remember why we started singing it in the first place! Additionally, while we sing "Jingle Bells," the boys run wildly back and forth across the room, bouncing off the walls and running into each other. Its just what we do!

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