Monday, March 12, 2012

His and Her Vacation

Aaron and I both enjoyed our mini-getaway to Arizona this weekend...even though we didn't go with each other! I had been itching to meet my newest nephew who was born just a few weeks ago and was being blessed on Sunday, and Aaron couldn't pass up the chance to meet up with his brothers and watch his beloved baseball team during spring training--so we took his and her vacations! We flew to Phoenix together and then literally parted ways at the airport, Aaron joining up with his brothers and me spending the weekend with my sister and her family. It was a bit of an odd arrangement, but we both had a great time.

"His" Vacation:

Aaron tells me that he had some good clean fun on his brother's weekend with Danny, Andy, and Tim, squeezing in three baseball games, a sunburn, a couple movies, a few dinners out on the town...and the rest I guess I'll never know.

"Her" Vacation:
Baby Levitticus ("Levi") William Morgan Cook is just as cute as he can be. So tiny! Holding him made me start to long to hold my own little baby boy who may be arriving in as early as three more weeks!

What a great bunch of kiddos! I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with this sweet little family, getting breakfast ready in the morning, playing at the park, reading books, planning a scavenger hunt, playing family games in the evening, and just getting to know each of their unique little personalities.
I doubt we're going to be making it a habit to vacation separately, but we both sure had a great time!

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