Sunday, March 18, 2012

First Ever Tooth Fairy Visit

I didn't shed any tears when my baby graduated from the crib to the big boy bed, I didn't flinch when he went off to kindergarten all by himself, but losing his first tooth?? That was a toughie. I'm just not ready for my Hanky boy to be all grown up!

We noticed a week or two ago that Hank had a wiggly botton tooth, but Hank wasn't in any hurry to work it loose so we just waited. Looking closer, I noticed that his permanent tooth was already poking through behind his baby tooth, so we got busy twisting that little toofer until Dad finally just pulled it right out. Hank gladly gave up his tooth, putting it inside the special tooth-fairy pocket pillow, in exchange for $1. Sweet Max was so scared about the tooth fairy visiting during the night that he refused to sleep in his bedroom (dragging his blanky out into the hallway) until I promised him that I would tell the tooth-fairy to leave the payment with me in my bedroom instead.

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