Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Roseburg Fun

While I wouldn't really call the past few months a "vacation," per se, it has been FABULOUS to have Aaron at home. Except for the lack of income part, I could really get used to having Aaron around! During the week before Christmas that we spent together at Nana and Papa Z's house in Roseburg, we took the boys to the bouncy place/art center, went bowling and to the arcade, went shopping and ate lunch at Mickey D's (well, its a treat for the boys, anyway), visited the animals at the wildlife safari, played Bingo most every night, tortured (I mean "played") with my parent's little dog, played with Nana and Papa Z, worked on Christmas projects, baked treats, went to the park--even in the freezing cold, watched the Adventures of Tin Tin at the movie theatre, wrestled with Uncle Adam, and built a gingerbread house with Aunt Brittany. Boy, its going to be such a let down for the boys when Aaron goes back to work, we return to our everyday normal routine, and the boys are stuck with me!

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