Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Memories

Christmas Eve:
We spent our Christmas at Nana and Papa Z's house, joined by Uncle Adam and Aunt Brittany. Christmas Eve was a glorious day of relaxation, feasting and indulgence, and family time. Though perhaps a little untraditional, we began Christmas Eve at the bouncy house, knowing that the boys would go bananas if they didn't drain a little energy. Afterwards, the preparations for the feast began, and since there really was no good reason to hold off on partaking of our feast--we didn't! Luckily for me, I take the "eating for two" expression literally, so I ate my helping and this baby's helping of goodies. While the boys worked on a gingerbread house, last minute gifts were wrapped. We played games, the boys performed Christmas songs that we had been practicing together all week, the Christmas story was read, and then....Presents! As a compromise of our competing family traditions, the boys opened their gifts from each other and from Nana and Papa Z, having to wait until Christmas morning to open the gifts from Mom and Dad and Santa Claus.

Christmas Day:
The boys woke up on Christmas morning to find that Santa had left them exactly what they had each asked for: a Lightening McQueen scooter (Hank) and a new garbage truck (Max). Max was so happy with his garbage truck, he didn't have any interest in opening his other gifts, and was very annoyed at having to be bothered with unwrapping his other presents. Hank took the upwrap-first-assess-later approach and tore through his presents hardly stopping to discover what he'd received. Needless to say, they were very spoiled, and very happy. Hank's favorite present was his Lego Trio building set; Max most enjoyed his Pizza Playdough; and Ben was just happy to be in the mix.

Ben modeling his new firetruck jammies!

Max so happy that he hugged his new toy.

These pictures were taken, and this post is written, in the hopes of preserving our family memories during our Christmas celebration. But if the boys don't remember a single gift that they received, a single toy that Santa brought, I hope that they will remember that little baby that was born in a manger long ago, who offers us the greatest gift of all, eternal life through His great Atonement. 

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