Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Long Overdue

Due to a combination of moving/disorganization, and, well....laziness....I'm just now getting around to updating the blog with all of the latest and greatest. So, whats new with these guys?

Hank has been the biggest helper lately! Its awesome! He carried his fair share of boxes on moving day and has been great about helping me get things organized. It makes me so happy when he tells me that he loves our new house...I'm not surprised; he'd probably be just as happy living in a tent if it had a trampoline in the backyard and his grandparents in the basement. I am just beaming I am so proud of Hank for how well he is doing in his new Kindergarten class. I walked him to his class on his first day of school and he just joined right in, gave me a big hug, smiled, and waved goodbye to me as I left. In just the few days he has been in school here, the lightbulb seems to have turned on and he has figured out how to read! Its so exciting! Lately, Hank loves to play board games, build with his Lego sets, and is really loving having some cousins to play with.

Although I'm not sure how much of this whole moving thing Max understands, he's just been happy to be along for the ride. He hasn't asked for much of an explanation for anything...where are we? why is dad home so much lately? why is everything different? He knows that we're together, and thats enough for him! Max started sunbeams last week--and loved it! Since Max was the clingy-est kid in nursery, I was prepared for a separation meltdown, but he loved Primary! Max is so happy to be surrounded by his family and his grandparents and is the perfect little buddy: helping me throw laundry into the washer, helping dad take garbage outside, watching a movie with Nana, or helping Papa with a project. Max's favorite things to do right now include playing with play-doh and his garbage truck collection.

This little boy has been enjoying his vacation from therapy, but still hasn't stopped going, going, going. With the placement of a few strategic gates, Ben is enjoying free reign of the house, pulling up onto furniture and cruising, getting into drawers and tipping over boxes, and, just the other day, learning how to climb stairs! So proud of this boy! Don't worry, the vacation is over, and Ben is going back to work, starting therapy next week. I will say, when I took Ben to nursery in our new ward, I actually had a few tears, thinking of our special Orting Ward family and all of the love that they shared for Ben. I know it won't take Ben long to warm the hearts of all of his new friends here...you just can't help falling in love with this boy!

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Kari said...

CLIMBING STAIRS!!!!!!!!!!! Praise God. That is so amazing. I was just thinking of your family today. Thanks for the update, I love checkin' in on your blog to see how all of you are doing. Happy New Year!