Saturday, September 10, 2011

We Went Big

Max is a special boy, so we wanted to go big for his birthday. Real big. Like parades, clowns, cotton candy, rides, and petting zoo big. So, of course we went to The Fair!

 The morning started with the cattle drive and parade.

Once we were through the gates, the boys couldn't wait to hit the rides. We bought 120 ride tickets and thought surely we would have tickets to spare...but can you believe we used those tickets all up?

Darn you greasy, fattening, fried, and oh so delicious fair food! Fluffy cotton-candy, melt-in-your-mouth scones! Just stop! I'm getting hungry all over again!

The boys are like magnets to these tractors:

Fascinating. Of all of the fancy fair attractions, Max was by far the most entertained by an agricultural exhibit that allowed the kids to simulate milking a cow.

One of my favorite things to do at the fair is watch the various shows: Elvis impersonators, aerial acts, hypnotists. This year, we went to a kiddie circus show. The show was pretty good, but Hank thought it was hysterical! Those clowns must be dialed in to 5 year-old humor because Hank was just rolling he was laughing so hard.

 I have to admit, when they pulled Aaron up on stage as part of the act, I laughed pretty hard, too!

Until next time, Puyallup Fair, until next time.

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Jason & Amber said...

These pictures are so cute! That slide looks really tall!