Saturday, September 10, 2011

Can it Be True?

Can my baby boy possibly be old enough to go to school? There must be a 'pause' button, because I don't know if I'm ready for this...

I guess Hank must be ready, because he came running into my bedroom at 6:00 a.m. fully-dressed and ready to go!

The kids gather in the gym each morning, lined-up in their classes, for a morning assembly.
Actually, Hank was so happy and eager for kindergarten that it made the experience of sending my baby boy off to big-kid school very easy. Hank had no fear--he was all smiles and excitement.

Hank had no problem finding the hook for his backback, dropping his lunchbox off in the right bin, finding his assigned seat at the table, and starting right in on a coloring project. In fact, Aaron and I felt a bit in the way, so we said a quick goodbye and left! Peice of cake! As we were walking down the hallway outside the class, Hank came running up to us, gave us one last quick hug, said, "see ya!" and then ran back to class. Ok, that maybe hurt just a tiny bit.

At home, Max and I worked on a "Welcome Home" sign for Hanky and made chocolate-chip cookies for an after-school snack.

I was dying all day long to pick Hank up and hear about his first day. I went to the school early, parked, and waited outside his classroom so I would be the first one to see his face when he came out of his class. I envisioned him running straight into my arms and telling me how what a great day he had and how much he missed me. What I got was a scowling Hanky who I had to flag over to come see me who informed me that he wasn't ready to go home and wanted to stay longer. Not exactly how I had pictured it, but a good thing, I guess??

It it going to be so strange not having my Hanky-boy home with me. I can't help it! I miss him! Thankfully, I know that Hank is ready to start this new chapter. Over the summer, I have come to feel like I am keeping a frisky labrador puppy in the house when what he really needs is more room to run, to be let outside. And so, I know that its time for me to give Hank more room to grow, more room to learn. I just pray, pray, pray that I have done my job in preparing him for that great big world out there. I love you, Hanky! You're going to do great!