Saturday, September 10, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Happy Birthday, Honey! Have we reached the point where we stop counting, yet? Don't worry, 34 is the new, uh, 34. One year older, and another year more handsome and wise!

Aaron's birthday was filled with birthday festivities, beginning with an early morning fishing trip with Andy and D. Aaron's cold streak finally broke--he caught a salmon!

 After the fishing trip, Aaron and Andy played 9. Then it was off to the Grovers' for Aaron's meal of choice: steak, potato salad, and his mama's scones!

After his birthday feast, the whole gang went bowling. The family bowling tournament turned into a bit of chaos with the crazy kiddos running amuk, but Aaron and I still brought home the prizes: he won the prize for first place, and I won the consolation prize for last place. I had planned to cap-off the birthday fun with a late night movie at the drive-in, but the birthday boy was too pooped (can you say, "old fogey?") and wanted to go home instead.

Happy Birthday to you, Aaron!

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