Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

We're going to pretend its sunny and warm....even if this crummy weather won't work with us for our Memorial Day plans.

After we had slept in (is that an oxymoron when you have kids?), we packed up and headed to the lake at the park for a picnic, nature walk, and some fishing.

1st Admission: We didn't catch a single fish. 2nd Admission: I don't mind one bit. Stinky, slimely pond trout? No thanks!

The boys had fun casting their fishing line into the lake and taking turns realing it back in.

We couldn't leave the park without burning off a little extra energy at the playground.
At home, Aaron refilled the sandbox with more sand (it seems all the sand has somehow found its way onto my kitchen floor) and the boys enjoyed some backyard time.

Aaron filled the position of Grill-Master and set to work grilling up our Memorial Day feast.

....and it was delicious!

We capped off the evening with a round of smores roasted over the firepit.
We sure didn't let the cloudy skies stop us--Happy Memorial Day!

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