Saturday, May 28, 2011

Family Garden Project

The weather has not cooperated with planting our garden this year, so we finally decided today was the day to plant, whether the weather is ready or not. Planting the garden turned out to be a great family activity--we all took part and had lots of fun in the process.

Aaron weeded the garden beds, raked in fresh soil, and helped the boys plant our beautiful veggie starts.

Boys and dirt go together like, well....boys and dirt. Hank and Max used their little shovels to dig holes, count out and fill the holes with seeds, and smooth out the soil.

While Hank was digging through the garden, he found a worm and asked me if he could touch it. I told him that I thought worms were icky and I probably wouldn't touch it, but I didn't mind if he wanted to touch it. He asked if the worm had germs, and I told him I thought they probably did. He weighed the pros and cons for a minute and then decided to pick up the worm. After less than a second, he dropped the worm back into the dirt and said he was going to go back inside to wash his hands. Thats my kind of kid!

For his part, Ben entertained himself nicely sitting on a blanket on the grass and playing with a few toys.
My contribution to the group effort? I did what I do best: I did the overseeing.

Now we get to tend our little garden and hopefully soon we'll get to harvest our yummy veggies!

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