Friday, April 15, 2011

The Tree House

We completed Ben's Birthday Service Project by delivering our beautiful Easter baskets to the Tree House the other night.

Visiting the Tree House again, nearly a year after our residency there last spring, was a very bittersweet experience. While Ben was in the hospital, the Tree House provided us with a place to rest for a few hours, a place to share dinner together with Hank and Max, a place where we could spend time with Hank and Max as a family, and feel kinda-sorta normal. We will always be grateful for the generousity we experienced while staying at the Tree House. However, stepping back into that facility, seeing other families with that familiar shell-shocked look on their faces, brought me back to a very dark time in my life--a time that I would rather not revisit ever again.
Though it is a very small gesture, we hope that these Easter baskets, made with love by the boys and their friends, will bring a little smile to the faces of the families who will be spending Easter at the Tree House this year.


The Farmer Family said...

I love love love that you did this! What a wonderful way to pay it forward. I'm sorry that it brought back some painful memories...but look at that huge healthy baby boy now. I just want to cry. I can't believe he weighs only 5 pounds less than my 3 year old. What a guy!

Lauralee said...

LOVE this... I thought I already commented- but haven't..

That has got to feel good to give back to a place where you received so much- what a great project!