Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Big Year

You were warned, remember? No apologies for the absurd amount of photos posted below (keep scrolling). It was a very eventful year and I earned the right to brag ad nauseum about my special birthday boy, Benjamin. But honestly, can you blame me?

[just a few of the] Things Ben Can Do:

  • Cause random strangers to stop, point, stare, and smile at his total CUTEness
  • Melt hearts with his SMILE
  • Convey total HAPPINESS with his squeal
  • Create MAGIC with the light in his eyes
  • INSPIRE others to increase their FAITH
  • Bring PEACE to our family
  • Express LOVE to everyone who he comes into contact with
  • Prove that MIRACLES do happen
  • Provide AMAZEment with every developmental inchstone met
  • LIFT others to want to become better
  • TEACH values: compassion, tolerance, acceptance
  • EXEMPLIFY courage and determination
And just think, if Ben accomplished these impressive tasks in only one year of life, what amazing things will he be able to DO next? Anything and everything.

1 comment:

Lauralee said...

He is an amazing little boy- what a blessing to so many.