Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Highlights

Here are a few of the highlights from our awesome Easter weekend:


If I was a better person, I would feel bad that my kids greedily filled their baskets to the brim with Easter eggs while other poor children got trampled by the crowd of egg-hunters and went home with empty baskets. Sorry. A few years ago, I tried playing "Mr. Nice-guy" at the egg hunt and we went home empty handed. Lesson learned: every man for himself.

When the Egg Hunt began, my competitive spirit kicked in and Hank and I raced past the pack of egg-hunters, to the back of the field, where Hank had ample time to fill his basket before the crowd caught up. Greedy!
The fun really is in the hunt (or race, more like it) because out of the dozens of eggs the boys grabbed, we came away with a couple Tootsie Rolls, a few temporary tattoos, some bouncy balls, and a couple erasers.

Oh Benjamin. Even that little pouty face makes me smile.
* SUNSHINE....Isn't life just a million times better when the sun is shining? We spent all day outdoors mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, thatching the front yard, pressure washing the porch, taking a family walk, playing at the park, and just loving life.


I have fond memories of dying Easter egss as a girl so it made me happy to share that tradition with Hank and watch him have so much fun decorating his eggs.

We kept it pretty basic, but I think they look great!


The Easter Bunny was a little burnt out after delivering all of those Easter baskets to the Tree House earlier this month, so the Easter Bunny decided to just skip the baskets and leave a small toy instead. Max loved his emergency vehicle HotWheels and Hank is fascinated with his firetruck transformer. Thanks, Easter Bunny!


My dear friend Jean made Ben these custom pants so that he could wear slacks on Easter Sunday instead of his usual sweatpant style.

I love these people.

* EGG WARS.....this self-invented tradition is a huge family favorite. Each family member uses their signature Easter egg to try to smash the opponent Easter egg in an egg duel. Its like our own mini-food fight!


And this was just the dessert! I had a lot of fun cooking up a storm in the kitchen and then having Nana and Papa Grover over to share our Easter feast. And yup, these strawberry lemonade bars were as good as they looked.

* THE REAL REASON....On this special Easter Sunday, we celebrate the resurrection of our beautiful Savior, Jesus Christ, who atoned for our sins, died on the cross, and then arose from the tomb. In overcoming death, He made eternal life possible. Happy Easter!


Jill said...

Court - You and I were twins today. I love that dress. Love your competative nature at the egg hunt. Makes me laugh.

amy said...

you never do anything halfway, courtney. I love that about you.

mom and pops grover said...

Thanks for the DELICIOUS dinner! It was a treat not to have to cook!

Lauralee said...

okay, that is so awesome of Jean- seriously thoughtful!
I would love the recipe for those strawberry bars.. yum!
What a fun weekend... glad you got lots of eggs!
That totally makes me laugh- your determination to get the eggs! Good for you, way to watch out for your kids!