Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lets Par-tay!

Weeks ago when I mentioned to Aaron that I wanted to throw Ben a party for his first birthday, Aaron shot the idea down, claiming that a party for a one-year-old is just a glorified excuse for the mom to throw a party. Well, HA! I decided that of course I wanted to celebrate Ben's momentous first year of life, and I was determined to do it in a meaningful way. So, this is what I came up with:

What exactly is a "Pay-it-Forward Party," you ask? We invited over several of the boys' close friends and invited them to celebrate Ben's special day by joining us in a service project. The kids made some darling Easter crafts, stuffed candy into plastic eggs, and assembled basket-fillers to make very sweet little Easter baskets. We will donate the baskets to the families staying at the Treehouse, a Ronald McDonald-ish facility beside Mary Bridge Children's Center, who the Easter bunny may not be able to find this year.

Here are a few of the completed baskets. I think the kiddos at the Treehouse will be so happy when they wake up to find these little surprises on Easter morning.
Needless to say, wild kiddos + paint, glue, and pipe cleaners = total craziness.

Earlier this morning, Hank asked, "Do you think Ben knows its his Birthday?" I told him I was sure that Ben felt very special and very loved on his big day.

LOVE the Birthday banner my mom made for us.

My picture collage was awesome: a year of lots of smiles, lots of kisses, and lots of love.

My dear friend Mindy made this special cake for Ben.

My teddybear sitting next to his teddy bear cake.

Ben's nice friends brought him lots and lots of cool new toys to play with.
My sweet friend Jean said she saw this "pot-belly monkey," and thought of, what exactly are you trying to say?


Brit H. said...

So awesome. I love the "pay it forward" idea and the picture collage. Gonna have to steal that one!

Kelli Radmall said...

What an awesome party. Very sweet. Love you're little chubster and his pot bellied monkey:)

amy said...

sounded like so much fun, wish I could have seen ben on his big day. I could have helped him with that cupcake.

kinsie said...

I just have to say... he is the cutest little chunky monkey i have ever seen!!!