Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Bestest Birthday EVER!

Max is pretty much the awesomest little boy I know (besides my other two awesome little boys, of course). So for his second birthday, we went all out! We hired a couple marching bands, we ordered some carnival rides, rented the petting zoo animals, and busted out the cotton candy machine. Ok, well, maybe not. But, we did take him to the opening day of the Puyallup Fair and told him that it was all for his special day--and I think he believed us :)

First up, we watched the marching bands, horse-drawn carriages, and tractors parade through the street.

Once in the gates, we made a bee-line for the food court and got us some Fisher scones!

Very first thing when Hank woke up yesterday morning he came up to me and said, "I am THIS excited!," spreading his arms as far as they would go to show me how excited he was to go to the fair. The boys were super excited to ride the rides, especially the choo-choo train.

One of my favorite things about my little Mattsy-boy is that, even now that he is a big 2 year-old, he is still momma's boy and holds my hand, sits in my lap, or wants me to carry him every where we go. I hope he always lets me hold his hand.

When we got to the bottom of the giant slide, Hank said, "that was a gosh lot of fun!" and Max said, "I go more!"

As if they needed the extra sugar to fuel their excitement...

Ben enjoyed his first fair experience from the comfort of his stroller--he snoozed through the whole thing!
After the fair, we went to Red Robin for the birthday boy's dinner of choice: french fries, ranch dressing, and ice cream!

Max was spoiled rotten by his Nana Z and Nana and Papa Grover who all joined us for a party with presents and cupcakes.
Max was very sweet to let Hank "help" him open his presents and to share his new toys with Hank afterwards. Max was so excited to get some play dough sets and a special Elmo shirt.

I just love my Max more than words. He is an utter joy to have in our family. Max is one of those people that I just admire because he just can't NOT be happy. Its not in his nature to be unhappy. I am so lucky to be Max's momma. I love you Maxwell! Happy Birthday!

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kathy said...

What a fun day! Glad I could be a part of it. Max was a delight.