Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Today my baby boy turned 5 months old and while naturally there is a part of me that feels sad that my baby is growing up, I'm also really happy that my baby gets to grow up. So, today I celebrate Ben and the miraculous journey that he is made in his five, short months of life.

Five of My Favorite Things About Ben:

1) The Squeal. Ben is very verbal and loves to laugh, letting out a high pitched squeal whenever he is tickled, whistled to, or played with.

2) The Pudge. Ben is pleasantly plump and I like nothing better than to blow wet kisses against his full cheeks, rolly wrists, or squishy tummy.

3) The Squeeze. It makes my heart melt when Ben holds my finger in the grasp of his tiny little hand.

4) The Journey. Has it really only been five months? In some ways it feels like it has been much, much longer. I cherish every moment with Ben....the sheer joy at his birth, the days spent getting acquainted in his infancy, the nights spent holding his hand in the hospital, the playing and snuggling since, and every moment in between.

5) The Spirit. Ben is a special boy. Wordlessly, I can feel the courage, strength, and faith of his giant spirit inside his little baby body.

I am so proud of you, Benjamin! I love you all the way around the world and back. Happy 5 months!

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kathy said...

Well said Courtney. We thrill that he is with us and making such tremendous progress!