Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Change of Plans

As per our annual tradition, on Saturday we packed up our lawn chairs, our blanket, and a picnic lunch and headed out to see the spectaclular Blue Angels air show in Seattle. Call us un-patriotic or un-Washingtonion, but when the weather changed to gray and rainy, we changed plans.

Blue Angels out, Pacific Science Center in. The kids thoroughly enjoyed all of the cool exhibits: dinosaurs, percussion instruments, and machines were the favorites. We even saw a "physics of bubbles" demonstration in which Hank got called up on stage and had to use a straw to blow bubbles into a cup of soapy water. Hank was adorable.

After we had our fill of the museum, we loaded everything back into the van and headed home. Unfortunately, the camera fell out of the stroller when Aaron was collapsing it into the car, and Aaron left the camera in the parking garage. Bye-bye camera. Sad. No pictures of our fun day.

Thanks to Aaron, we had to replace my camera--so now I'm back in business!

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