Wednesday, August 11, 2010

4 Months Old!

Oh Ben! You are so squishably chubby and I love every single ounce of you...and there are a lot of ounces of you to love!
4 Month Stats:

Weight: 19 lbs!!! (95%)
Length: 26.5 in (95%)
Head 41.5 cm (25%)

4 Things About Ben:

- I lovingly refer to Ben as Pepe (as in Pepe Le Pew) because the boy has some stinky toots! Whew! He must take after his Daddy!

- Ben is an awesome sleeper! He usually goes to sleep at 9pm, I top him off around 10pm, and then he's good to go until about 5am. I feed him at 5am and he goes back to sleep until Hank wakes us up at 7am.

- Ben loves to swing, is very tolerant of his rowdy brothers, loves to listen to music, likes to be held, is doing really well holding up his head and working on sitting.

- Ben is a very, very special little boy and has taught me lessons about faith, prayer, healing, the atonement, and the plan of salvation in his short little 4 months of life.

Ben is my heart. I am so proud of that courageous little boy. I love you to bits and bits, Benjamin!

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kathy said...

We love baby Ben with all our hearts!