Monday, January 11, 2010


Yesterday was Hank's second week of his new sunbeams class at church. Considering the fact that Hank cried the entire first year of nursery class, I was worried about how he would handle the change: new teacher, new classroom, primary. He loves it! Between classes I peek through the primary room window and watch him sit in his mini seat, just watching and listening--I don't know why but seeing him sitting there and looking so big almost makes me cry! Anyways, I am just amazed and impressed at what Hank learns in primary each week. On the way home from church yesterday, Hank said, "I know that my Savior loves me." I asked him what else he learned and he said, "children will gather at Jesus' feet" and "I hope I get to see victory" (evidently they were taught a new primary song). What a little sponge! My heart just filled to the brim listening to the beginnings of his little testimony.


dangrover said...

Luke starts Sunbeams this year too! Unfortunatly our cold weather has kept him from actually starting . . . we've only had sacrament meeting the last two weeks! The first week of the new year it was because of slippery roads, and the second week of the new year the pipes at the building froze and we didn't have any running water! Hopefully the third week will be the charm and Luke can start Sunbeams!

Kathy said...

Hard to believe Hank is a Sunbeam. I want to be there for his first Primary Sacrament meeting program. I love it when all the little Sunbeams line up to sing--or not.