Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Every morning Hank asks me if we can go to the park. I hate to turn him down, so I tell him to look out the window and if its dry, we'll go play at the park. The other day, Hank opened the window, looked outside, and got so excited because it was dry! So, we went to the park! Its been awhile since the weather has allowed us to play outdoors, so this was actually Max's first trip to the park as a walker. He loved it! I couldn't get a decent picture of him because he was just in constant motion, running from one object to another and laughing the entire time. Eventhough Max doesn't stray too far from Mom, I was still a nervous wreck trying to keep an eye on both kids, running in opposite directions, at the same time.

Our morning at the park made me anxious for sunny spring weather: I loved feeling the warm sunshine on my skin and letting the boys burn off their rambunctious energy outside. Perfect!


Kathy said...

Hooray for Max! Such fun to be able to run by himself.

Lauralee said...

YAY for the sunshine... your boys are adorable... it is such a nice break to have the kids outside! love this nice january weather!

We Three Madsens said...

Yes we are very excited that he finally got all his papers signed off and now has a mission call! Its kinda surreal to think he will be gone for 2 years, he wont meet this baby til he is Camerons age.

And yes we do need to do a temple trip! And a pedicure, long overdue! Call me and let me know what your schedule looks like:) We have been missing hanging out with you guys, I cant wait for the good weather to return so we can get outside!